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“Are you hungry for some more horror? Do you have an appetite for the abominable?

Then you need The Fifth Black Book of Horror. Thirteen morsels of the macabre for those with a taste for terror.”


Reggie Oliver - Mrs. Midnight
Marcus Gold - The Man With A Hole In His Head
Ian C. Strachan - Starlight Casts No Shadow
Craig Herbertson - Leibniz’s Last Puzzle
Paul Finch - Hangman Wanted: Apply In Writing
Rosalie Parker - In The Garden
David A. Riley - Their Own Mad Demons
Raymond Vaughn - Winter Break
John Llewellyn Probert - De Vermis Infestis
Richard Staines - No Such Thing As A Friendly
Anna Taborska - Schrodinger’s Human
David Williamson - The Chameleon Man
John Llewellyn Probert - Two For Dinner

Cover art by Paul Mudie

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Take a journey into HORROR!

The driver who takes a wrong turning.

Visit Wales’s Scariest Places.

The Doom found in a country church.

A trip to Whitby that leads to a disappearance.

The commercial traveller who comes face to face with death.

A pagan site with a bloody history.

Whether the destination is a Derbyshire village; a seaside hotel; a Spanish resort; a cinema in Bristol or a house in the country, in The Sixth Black Book all roads lead to HORROR!


John Llewellyn Probert – Six Of The Best
Simon Kurt Unsworth – Traffic Stream
Steve Lockley – Imaginary Friends
R. B. Russell – An Unconventional Exorcism
Paul Finch – The Doom
Gary Fry – Keeping It In The Family
Craig Herbertson – Spanish Suite
Reggie Oliver – Mr. Pigsny
Alex Langley – The Red Stone
Stephen Bacon – Room Above The Shop
David A. Riley – Their Cramped Dark World
Mick Lewis – Gnomes
Anna Taborska – Bagpuss
David Williamson – The Switch
Mark Samuels – Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Cover art by Paul Mudie


Price including P&P